Friday, September 13, 2013

Hi Priyanka.

So if you are reading this, you are probably going to read a post or two. You've been warned. My past contains not of secret crushes and heartbreaks but of copious amounts of lameness.

Stay calm. If you suffer from severe depression later on, here is what you should do.

1. You have been warned. Again.
2. Come down to 105, you know our conversations are therapeutic.
3. Hide under the bed.
4. Cry.
5. Read 1 again.

I write. On tumblr.
Good luck, Priyanka! I love you, Pinkster. You know I do. Kbye.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I've moved.

I'm here.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

One month on...still rambling?!

Come next May, colleges across the country will throw their doors open and eagerly (or otherwise)wait for their corridors to be filled with new faces.

Next May. And to think of the fact that I might be one new face in a college. 12 months from now. Entrances and what not.
Don't get me wrong, I might come across someone who thinks this year is going to be a pain in strange places. I do not.I'm going to try and look at this year as a package : Happiness, sadness, pain, frustration, elation...after all, isn't that the essence of life? It comes as a whole. When there is no pain, how can you appreciate happiness? When there is no wait, how can you enjoy the fruit?

I watched this brilliant movie called the 'The Shawshank Redemption'. The climax has this line, it's beautiful.
"Hope is a wonderful thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies".

Fare thy well, reader. You might not be hearing from me for some time to come.

And oh, I got a friend back. I wrote a blog post in 2009 about someone, and I think that triggered the cold war. Not war as such, we weren't looking for opportunities to demolish each other. We just became too distant. We were once best friends and everyone, everyone - right from our friends to our teachers knew it. Right after our tenth, she moved to another city, and I convinced myself that the void now became too large to be cemented. I won't get into excessive details and how we got back again, but yes, a text was involved. And a mutual friend.

That night, there was this warm and fuzzy feeling in me. I felt light, like a feather. Maybe that is happiness. And at that moment, I could do anything to make everyone around me feel that way. That triggered a fresh bout of ideas in my head, but more on that later.

Oh damn, I'm rambling again. I'll stop. I'm stopping.

See you!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So I have a blog. Well spotted, I know.

After making all these fail comeback posts, I took one long look at my blog and read the past few posts only to be baffled by how different the thoughts I take are right now.
(It's amazing how much I laughed when I read a post fuming about a person who is away in a place she hates. God, how much I miss the times with her. If only I knew it was only going to be a change of time.)

It's crazy what change of schools and subjects can do to you, really. Every thought I take is attributed to the much hyped and overated 'phenomenon' of growing up.

Kolaveri, indeed.

I'm trying to take as much as breath I can, before a variety of forces make me dive into an ocean of tests, revisions, career choices, entrance examinations, boards and all that jazz. It has been going okay so far. Just a year, hmm? Shouldn't be so bad.

My last first day of school is coming up. I really don't know what to think. My brain has all these thoughts about how different life is going to be after this year fizzing about. About how this year is going to be the decider. About how this year would mean crossing one important milestone of my life. About how this year could make or break a part of me. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, about how this year would be the ending of one adventure and beginning of all other...
Should I think much about it or just go where the wind blows? I don't know. Do I want to know? Well, umm...

So here I am, rambling. Thank you reader, you're patience is muchly appreciated.

So I'll probably take one long look at this post later on and laugh.

Until then, then?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here and now.

Current book : The prodigal daughter - Jeffery Archer.

Current mood : Nostalgic

Current muse : A blue superman t-shirt. I want one, NOW!

Current "event" : Harry Potter & the deathly hallows Part II.

Current song(s) : Wake me up when september ends - Greenday.

Current movie : Wake Up Sid - Ahhh. I love this for sooo many reasons.

Other than that, I've been great. I hope all's well with you, reader :)
11th grade started about a month ago and we're through with our first unit test, as well :O
I've moved to a new school, which was both terrifying and the same time.
But I'm having some super fun.

About seven of us, the backbenchers (alteast until yesterday, when our class teacher decided to shuffle all of us apart) are thick pals & we didn't even think we'd become so close. (Atleast me. I should stop generalsin').

So here we are -
Srinidhi, Shweta, Soumya, Shubhika, Vaishnavi,Padma,Ravali and me...Navya =)
That would be eight, actually. We call ourselves Chicken65. Or C65. Why?

Because we're awesome that way. Hahaha =D

XI is soo much fun but its a major jump from tenth. For one, we're treated like adults. And hence, they think we can magically summon more time for the extra load of homework, tests and the other blah blah we're assigned to on an almost daily basis.

Ahh. Catch you later, then.

P.S - Do update me on any new books or music you chance upon. I'm getting awfully slow at it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seen and unforeseen

School. That dreaded word. For one reason : Tests. And tenth grade. So now I've been dreading "T" words.

Yeah, so school started two weeks back and we've already written our FA-1 English and now await for our destiny to weave its magic this Wednesday : A Math test. Phew.

And homework. Wow. ACTUAL homework. And this is the just the foot of the mountain.

So, there's this sudden anomaly here, in my section. Two girls come with an idea to write a story and they started if off with great vigour. And the story is good, too.
It's based on the vampires, of course. Nothing else seems to interest people these days : It's just Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters...

And so, these two girls are going on with that, but then most of the others have started it,too. Based on vampires. Phew. Anomaly, considering my class regards those who read novels weird. Uncool. Whatever they call it.

And yeah, elections for the prefectorial board. "Vote for Mr. X" "The best is here", "Vote for Ms. Y". The leader, the that, the this. And the best part? FREE PERIODS! As if that wasn't enough, we have a spare hour in the morning, until the D-Day, that is. The investiture. Or whatever that's called.

...And, 10th grade would mean deciding your future. So questions like "MPC? BiPC? Or both?" keep getting hurled at you.
And YOU have to see their mouth dangling open when I say - "I haven't decided, yet."

Never mind, that. So I'm blabbering. Just trying to keep you filled in, without appearing like I'm dead.

P.S - Thank you Tharangni for the book of tomorrow, it was really good!And too bad you aren't the head girl! YOU STILL ROCK!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Embracing school life with utter disgust...

Yes. School from the 14th.

Normally, I'd be excited, but this time, I ain't.

Wait. MAYBE...I've soaked in too much Vitamin-D. Or maybe, I've just had the best summer vacation ever. (Atleast towards the end).

Experiencing the expanses of exhilaration at Singapore yet again...Going back home to Chennai...Hang on,My vacation is made, if the itenary has the seven letter magical word - C H E N N A I :). Yeah well, short - but - very memorable vacation.

~ A N D...

As you can see, I've revamped (or atleast made an attempt)my blog - tried to do something to this thing. I've tried adding all sorts of things - Posters,banners, text, glam text, glitter text, just text...Phew. But all of that, somehow made me a stranger in my own realm.

And so...I ditched it.

The layout now,it's pink, and it doesn't somehow define me (although, I like the crushed design in green) . But I couldn't imagine having the previous layout either (mainly because I was bored and had it for months already), so this was for keeps.

So if you're still here, reading this - I want to thank you. Haha =D.
See you soon,then.

I'll somehow keep this blog alive by finding some good designs or just post random posts like this. Just to let you know how wacky or wacky-not my life is getting.

...And a special thanks to Tharangni aka Ths aka Taru aka Tringini aka Tango aka Schrei aka Eva aka my sister for helping me out with the blogskins thing.

Time now..I got to go.
(Speaking of time, summertime is almost over. Now that's what I call having a sinking feeling).