Saturday, May 12, 2012

One month on...still rambling?!

Come next May, colleges across the country will throw their doors open and eagerly (or otherwise)wait for their corridors to be filled with new faces.

Next May. And to think of the fact that I might be one new face in a college. 12 months from now. Entrances and what not.
Don't get me wrong, I might come across someone who thinks this year is going to be a pain in strange places. I do not.I'm going to try and look at this year as a package : Happiness, sadness, pain, frustration, elation...after all, isn't that the essence of life? It comes as a whole. When there is no pain, how can you appreciate happiness? When there is no wait, how can you enjoy the fruit?

I watched this brilliant movie called the 'The Shawshank Redemption'. The climax has this line, it's beautiful.
"Hope is a wonderful thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies".

Fare thy well, reader. You might not be hearing from me for some time to come.

And oh, I got a friend back. I wrote a blog post in 2009 about someone, and I think that triggered the cold war. Not war as such, we weren't looking for opportunities to demolish each other. We just became too distant. We were once best friends and everyone, everyone - right from our friends to our teachers knew it. Right after our tenth, she moved to another city, and I convinced myself that the void now became too large to be cemented. I won't get into excessive details and how we got back again, but yes, a text was involved. And a mutual friend.

That night, there was this warm and fuzzy feeling in me. I felt light, like a feather. Maybe that is happiness. And at that moment, I could do anything to make everyone around me feel that way. That triggered a fresh bout of ideas in my head, but more on that later.

Oh damn, I'm rambling again. I'll stop. I'm stopping.

See you!!


Shruthi said...

Cool post. Wasn't AS rambling as the previous one, which is a good thing, as it made this one so much better. I like the new philosophical twist added....your thoughts seem to flow in a more organised manner.
keep up the good work!

Tharangni said...

Wow! You're still so damn positive man! Looking at the future as a mystery package ~ that's cool! :) :) :) And yes... even I won't forget that night man! ^_^
cheers! :)