Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seen and unforeseen

School. That dreaded word. For one reason : Tests. And tenth grade. So now I've been dreading "T" words.

Yeah, so school started two weeks back and we've already written our FA-1 English and now await for our destiny to weave its magic this Wednesday : A Math test. Phew.

And homework. Wow. ACTUAL homework. And this is the just the foot of the mountain.

So, there's this sudden anomaly here, in my section. Two girls come with an idea to write a story and they started if off with great vigour. And the story is good, too.
It's based on the vampires, of course. Nothing else seems to interest people these days : It's just Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters...

And so, these two girls are going on with that, but then most of the others have started it,too. Based on vampires. Phew. Anomaly, considering my class regards those who read novels weird. Uncool. Whatever they call it.

And yeah, elections for the prefectorial board. "Vote for Mr. X" "The best is here", "Vote for Ms. Y". The leader, the that, the this. And the best part? FREE PERIODS! As if that wasn't enough, we have a spare hour in the morning, until the D-Day, that is. The investiture. Or whatever that's called.

...And, 10th grade would mean deciding your future. So questions like "MPC? BiPC? Or both?" keep getting hurled at you.
And YOU have to see their mouth dangling open when I say - "I haven't decided, yet."

Never mind, that. So I'm blabbering. Just trying to keep you filled in, without appearing like I'm dead.

P.S - Thank you Tharangni for the book of tomorrow, it was really good!And too bad you aren't the head girl! YOU STILL ROCK!!


♪ Tharangni ♪ said...

hehe! ^_^ Thanks for the tag. and nvm abt the head girl~~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

Tenth grade seems a just a while back. :) (Yes, I still miss school.)
And I was bombarded with the same questions. I gave the same reply.