Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So I have a blog. Well spotted, I know.

After making all these fail comeback posts, I took one long look at my blog and read the past few posts only to be baffled by how different the thoughts I take are right now.
(It's amazing how much I laughed when I read a post fuming about a person who is away in a place she hates. God, how much I miss the times with her. If only I knew it was only going to be a change of time.)

It's crazy what change of schools and subjects can do to you, really. Every thought I take is attributed to the much hyped and overated 'phenomenon' of growing up.

Kolaveri, indeed.

I'm trying to take as much as breath I can, before a variety of forces make me dive into an ocean of tests, revisions, career choices, entrance examinations, boards and all that jazz. It has been going okay so far. Just a year, hmm? Shouldn't be so bad.

My last first day of school is coming up. I really don't know what to think. My brain has all these thoughts about how different life is going to be after this year fizzing about. About how this year is going to be the decider. About how this year would mean crossing one important milestone of my life. About how this year could make or break a part of me. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, about how this year would be the ending of one adventure and beginning of all other...
Should I think much about it or just go where the wind blows? I don't know. Do I want to know? Well, umm...

So here I am, rambling. Thank you reader, you're patience is muchly appreciated.

So I'll probably take one long look at this post later on and laugh.

Until then, then?


Shruthi said...

Ahhhh. Cool post. Could hear you almost talking...jumping here and there IN your speech..well, yeah, Rambling. But Rambling IS cool at times....like in your post. So keep writing posts like this. It's quite a refresher.(can't find a better word. hope u get it):)

Navya said...

Haha, thanks Shruthi! (: