Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here and now.

Current book : The prodigal daughter - Jeffery Archer.

Current mood : Nostalgic

Current muse : A blue superman t-shirt. I want one, NOW!

Current "event" : Harry Potter & the deathly hallows Part II.

Current song(s) : Wake me up when september ends - Greenday.

Current movie : Wake Up Sid - Ahhh. I love this for sooo many reasons.

Other than that, I've been great. I hope all's well with you, reader :)
11th grade started about a month ago and we're through with our first unit test, as well :O
I've moved to a new school, which was both terrifying and the same time.
But I'm having some super fun.

About seven of us, the backbenchers (alteast until yesterday, when our class teacher decided to shuffle all of us apart) are thick pals & we didn't even think we'd become so close. (Atleast me. I should stop generalsin').

So here we are -
Srinidhi, Shweta, Soumya, Shubhika, Vaishnavi,Padma,Ravali and me...Navya =)
That would be eight, actually. We call ourselves Chicken65. Or C65. Why?

Because we're awesome that way. Hahaha =D

XI is soo much fun but its a major jump from tenth. For one, we're treated like adults. And hence, they think we can magically summon more time for the extra load of homework, tests and the other blah blah we're assigned to on an almost daily basis.

Ahh. Catch you later, then.

P.S - Do update me on any new books or music you chance upon. I'm getting awfully slow at it.


Soumya Gunipudi A.k.a 'Gunzi' said...

Haha. Soumya here everybody! :D
I'm part of the chicken 65. *jumps around all excitedly and blushes*

Navya, I totally loveeee it! :D XD

Shruthi said...

FINALLy a new post. Almost a year right! Had some trouble figuring out the address of ur blog, but got it. Nice post, BTW.

♠ Tharangni ♠ said...

Woahw!!! Finally! you realized you had something called as a blog!
As a matter of fact, even I forgot you had one! >< *Apologies*

Update a lot!! Your last tweet was like ~ lol! 160 days old!! :D

And Chicken65??? you guys must be Yum! :P
(I know that was a PJ :P Neverthe less! ^_^)

Looks like you're having so much fun in new school eh???
and what happened?? why suddenly missing 10th?? I miss 10th everyday! :(