Saturday, June 12, 2010

Embracing school life with utter disgust...

Yes. School from the 14th.

Normally, I'd be excited, but this time, I ain't.

Wait. MAYBE...I've soaked in too much Vitamin-D. Or maybe, I've just had the best summer vacation ever. (Atleast towards the end).

Experiencing the expanses of exhilaration at Singapore yet again...Going back home to Chennai...Hang on,My vacation is made, if the itenary has the seven letter magical word - C H E N N A I :). Yeah well, short - but - very memorable vacation.

~ A N D...

As you can see, I've revamped (or atleast made an attempt)my blog - tried to do something to this thing. I've tried adding all sorts of things - Posters,banners, text, glam text, glitter text, just text...Phew. But all of that, somehow made me a stranger in my own realm.

And so...I ditched it.

The layout now,it's pink, and it doesn't somehow define me (although, I like the crushed design in green) . But I couldn't imagine having the previous layout either (mainly because I was bored and had it for months already), so this was for keeps.

So if you're still here, reading this - I want to thank you. Haha =D.
See you soon,then.

I'll somehow keep this blog alive by finding some good designs or just post random posts like this. Just to let you know how wacky or wacky-not my life is getting.

...And a special thanks to Tharangni aka Ths aka Taru aka Tringini aka Tango aka Schrei aka Eva aka my sister for helping me out with the blogskins thing.

Time now..I got to go.
(Speaking of time, summertime is almost over. Now that's what I call having a sinking feeling).



♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

*hugs tight* :))

i am waiting for school to reopen soon :P at the same time don't want the vaccations to end T.T

school's gonna reopen on june 16 (~___^)

Vandana said...

Hey! Just saw your comment on my tagboard haha :) Sorry for the late reply!

But School started for me too. And so far, so good!

Yepp, I'm in ICSE. And on Tumblr. Btw, I pass by your school almost every Friday whilst on the way to my computer tuition :)