Sunday, August 23, 2009

life in a large city

More about the Navya you didn't know.
Seventh grade speech

Good morning/[afternoon] to one and all present here. I am Navya and I am here to speak about the topic ‘life in a large city.’
A city is an urban settlement with a particular important status which differentiates it from a town.
Present-day cities are products of the industrial revolution and are generally distinguished by land area and population.
Convenience of goods, work and services are the reasons why people have lived in cities for thousands of years. The police, paramedics, and fire departments are nearby, in case you ever need their services. Also, chances are that your neighbors are conveniently close by, in case you need any help from them or they need any help from you. Some of the advantages of living in a city include--social proximity, stimulation with diversity of people, cultural richness, more resources at your disposal, jobs, etc.
There have, historically, been two groups of people who opt to live in the city, Those groups include singles or people just out of college and empty nesters -- people who are in their last job or are at the top of their careers, their kids are grown and they want to have a good time living in the city.
Some more advantages of living in a city are big money at work, large transport network, wide range of entertainment and socializing opportunities

But then, big money is followed by high cost of living and closely followed by high Crime, large transport network is followed by traffic jams, wide range of entertainment is followed by sleep deprivation/stress and socializing opportunities is followed by picking up wrong friends i.e. stalkers, psychopaths e.t.c (Disadvantages)
The most common disadvantage is that there is a lot of pollution caused by the large transport network which is demolishing the ozone layer, which protects planet earth from the harmful ultra-violet rays emitted by the sun.
And after TATA’s new 1lakh car was launched, most of the people will be able to afford buying a car. So, just imagine the amount of pollution caused. It’s probably going to increase 10 times as much as it was earlier!

So, dear friends and respected teacher[s],
If you are willing to accept the tradeoffs in crime, traffic, pollution and privacy, a city is an exciting place to live. I thank you for listening to my speech and I hope you found it informative.
Thank you.

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