Saturday, August 15, 2009

Letters that were never sent - II

Date: 12th October’08

Hi swaathy!

How are you and how is everyone in Chennai?
I am really sorry I can’t come to Chennai for sometime now because of dewy.
[He needs lot of care as he is really young and a lot of exercise as he is a lab.]

School’s going great and everyone is fine over here…and when are you going to create and email id??
You told me that you’ll create it in the summer of ’08…

Anyway…how is school and how are your classmates??
We had assignments for the navratri vacations of course…the main one was about terrorism and we had to write about more that 25 pages…it was really nice doing that assignment…I had given a brief report of only 35 pages…and in English we had a really superb assignment…we had to write a poem on dreams…how cool is that?

Anyway, than sending emails, I like sending these postal letters…its kind of fun…what do you think??

I need a small confirmation…is Priya have an email id??

How is neeharika??
[Okay, though I haven’t seen her, she seems nice in all those forwarded mails from her name ‘neeksi’ to Priya and then to me… through someone else]

Anyway, how are the following??

Shru and Megna
Ramya and niveditha
Vani and veena
Vidya and nethra
Pooja and Divya
Lalitha and manasa
Both the swethas
Priya and neeharika

And am I forgetting someone?I'm sorry if I am.Truly.

How are all our teachers??

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