Saturday, August 15, 2009

Letters that were never sent - I

Hahahah,yeah.Please dont get bewildered with the post tittle.
This is a letter I wrote one and a half year back and it was NEVER sent or emailed.

Hi swaathy!!
What’s up in Chennai?

(Please don’t tell me it’s the sky and the clouds and the sun and the kites flying around and the birds and the airplanes turning up occasionally to complete the sky scene. [That sounds nice!!!])

Ok… anyways, what is going on in school??
So did they introduce YI net to you??

I am still getting used to Hyderabad and the school.
That’s because this is a new place and I don’t know all the roads properly (some roads are very confusing, mind you!)

And don’t tell anyone like our class that I got lost in our school once, and I luckily came across my friend who was passing by and she helped to get to class. [Shhhhhhh…..don’t tell………they’ll all laugh!!!!]

So, is the 8th grade getting really tough?
Where were you all these days?
Why don’t you create an email id???

I miss Chennai and I HATE it here!

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