Saturday, August 15, 2009


Field Trip in the fifth grade.


We, the students of class V, had gone to the Santhome Marine Aquarium as a field trip, which is situated in the Southern part of Chennai. My class teacher, Kalyani ma’am had given some tips before leaving. She also appointed me to take care of my class girls.

We boarded the van around 9: 25 am. When we reached there, we were asked to take a look at a display chart, which gave us an idea about the fascinating creatures inside the aquarium. A lady was appointed to explain about the specialty of each of the fishes in the aquarium.

Fascinating sea creatures (listed on the chart)

Wimble fish
Blue ring Angelfish
Yellow back head damsel
Tomato clown fish
Sea horse
Oscillated puffer
Green wrasse
Pakistani butterfish
Red squirrelfish
Maroon clownfish
Common clownfish
Blue damsel
Sergeant major
Imperial angelfish
Threadfin butterfish

Fascinating creatures in the Aquarium

Fish name Color/body look Specialty

Sail fish tang Whitish yellow Eyes look like buttons
Puffer fish Blackish brown can puff like jackfruit
Moray eel Black can give electric shock
Anemone fish Black/yellow can get into sea anemone
Sea urchin Purple/violet looks like plants, dangerous
Zebra fish White and black _
Trigger fish Any color have the power between eyes
Lobster Red or yellow _
Cow fish Yellow or brown has horns to defend
Star fish Any color can grow arms, if broken
Monkey shark Brunette color dangerous
Silver beam Silver can camouflage
Crescent perch Any color can swim in any direction
Marine crab Pretty color looks like pretty stone
Sea snake Black and white very dangerous
Lionfish Red can grow to 180cm long


I would like to personally thank principal, vice-principal, teachers
and the school trustees for taking us to such an informative trip.

Class V
Section- A

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