Saturday, August 15, 2009

A dangerous criminal is on the run..

This again, is something I'd written in the fifth grade....:)

Fredrick- also known as Fatty



Bets-the youngest mystery solver in the team

Pip-Bets brother

Buster-Fatty’s pet dog.



Mr.& Mrs. Hilton

Mr. Goon

Chief inspector Jenks

Fangio twins

The plot
A dangerous criminal is on the run – and he is also the master of disguise!

Could it be Mr. Tolling? Or do the Fangio twins know the culprit’s real identity?
Could it be Bert the clown in the fair…. who had a scar too-just like the criminal?

Could it be the big bulky man in the fair?

With the clues leading to now-where, join the five find outers, their dog and Eunice on the trail of the mystery of the missing man. And they must find this man before Mr. Goon does.

The suspense of this is missing man is even more thrilling.

So, do make sure you read it for a complete adventurous ride!!

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