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Much Ado About Nothing

Okay,this is just a lil' something I got off my laptop...A book review by me...I gave this in long,long ago in the sixth grade!

Much ado about nothing


1. Leonato
2. Hero
3. Beatrice
4. Don Pedro
5. Claudio
6. Benedick
7. Don John
8. Ursula
9. Margaret
10. Borachio

Brief Story

Leonato, the governor of Messina, had a daughter called Hero and a niece called Beatrice. Hero was more of a serious disposition and Beatrice was flippant with everything. Beatrice liked to divert her cousin a lot. As time passed by, both of them grew up to become beautiful maidens.

At the time of history of these ladies, commences some young men through Messina. Among them was Don Pedro the prince of Arragon, Claudio the lord of Florence and Benedick the lord of Padua. All these people had been old acquaintances of Leonato. As Benedick entered the room, he began a lively conversation with Leonato. Beatrice, who did not like being left out in anything, used to interrupt them with one of her silly remarks. Benedick who was another rattle brain like Beatrice used to wonder how such a well bred lady like her was so flippant with her tongue. Claudio, who was observing Hero, noticed that she was calm and quiet and she never interfered with things that did not consider her. Claudio’s observation was disturbed when Benedick and Beatrice began a humorous dialog. After a keen observation made by Claudio on this dialog he whispered into Leanato’s ear that Benedick was the suitable match for Beatrice. Leonato said after a week of their marriage, they would talk themselves mad. But Claudio did not give up this idea.

After much persuasion, Leonato agreed after Claudio said he had made a plan in which Hero’s help was required. He said that if Hero could persuade Beatrice that Benedick liked her after Leonato, the prince and himself persuade Benedick, the plan would succeed. Hero also agreed. Leonato told Claudio that he wanted Claudio to marry Hero. Claudio accepted the proposal. Claudio was to wait for a few days before marrying Hero. Meanwhile, Leonato and the others discussed the plan and one day when Benedick was seated in the arbor, Leonato, Claudio, the prince and few other attendants sat so close to Benedick that every whisper of theirs was audible. After a long careless talk, the prince started asking Leonato if Beatrice liked Benedick. When Leonato said yes, Benedick who was listening to their talk had all his feelings changed towards Beatrice. The first part of the plan was successfully carried out. Now Hero had to devise a plan. She had used a similar technique. She called to her two trustworthy attendants – Ursula and Margaret. She told Margaret that she would find Beatrice seated in the parlor. She told her to tell her that Ursula and she were speaking in the orchard. Eventually, Beatrice got caught in the trap laid for her.

After asking Hero if she would marry Claudio, (she said yes) Leonato started making all the arrangements for Beatrice’s and Benedict’s and Hero’s and Claudio’s wedding. Now, The prince had a half brother called Don John. He had accompanied him to al the wars. He was a sadist. He did not like the idea of Hero getting married to Claudio. He wanted to separate Hero from Claudio just for pleasure. Therefore, determined to separate Hero from Claudio, he employed a man called Borachio – a man as bad as himself. He promised him a large sum of money only if he helped him with this mission. So Borachio and Don John made a plan. As per the plan, Don John went to Claudio and the prince that Hero spoke to men in the midnight. He also told them that he would take them and show them. As the clock struck twelve, the three of them made their way to the foot Hero’s tower they heard someone coming. They all hid behind a thick bush and watched. The man was none other than Borachio. (Only Don John knew that) He was speaking to Margaret who was dressed in one of the dresses of Hero. Claudio’s affections for Hero at once changed into hatred. In the church the next day, when the priest asked Claudio if he would like to marry Hero, to everyone’s surprise he said ‘no’. Hero who could not withstand it even one moment’ fainted and she was looking as if she died. Claudio, the prince and his half brother left the place immediately. After a long struggle, they all came to know that it was Don John’s cruel plan and he was given a good Punishment.


I personally think that if Claudio had really liked Hero, he should have first tested if what he saw was true. And I also think Shakespeare shouldn’t have really made the story violent at the end and suddenly made a simple ending. And with this, I conclude by thanking Scholastic and my school for organizing and encouraging us to read the book. I learnt many new words and I want Scholastic and my school to organize more reading activities like this one.

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