Friday, July 31, 2009

Life's running...

Hey all!

Can you guys believe the fact that the first term of ninth grade is almost over?
So soon?
Well,yeah. We all have 2 months of II Term so...the school decided to make it equal share of term time...

But seriously,just when we were beggining to start enjoying school,we already have these practicals,tests and you can expect the kind of homeworks,revisions and work-sheets we are loaded with.
To make matters worse,we don't have holidays right after the exams!! :'( we have like one month of school and then 10 days of hols and then II term or not,you decide.

And what else? Just agonies?
Err,YEAH!Pretty much...I've been saying this like HELL lot of times,I'm really sorry for making more frequent posts...but I promise...and I'm definitely trying to work on my time schedules. All my leisure time..I put into the TV,i-pod and now you see where I don't get time for blogging,no matter how much I love blogging and letting you step into my thoughts!!

I'll keep you posted!

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