Friday, August 14, 2009

Harry Potter 6 : The movie!

Harry Potter and the half blood prince is the sixth part of the Harry Potter movie that was released on July 16th.
So, Harry is back. But what’s new this year?
Harry returns to Hogwarts and discovers that Professor Snape is made as the Defence against the dark arts teacher, a post Snape was after for years and Professor Slughorn is the new potions teacher. Slughorn is delighted to have Harry in his class despite his average performance in O.W.L.S (which is like our modern day 10th grade board examinations). Harry doesn’t have a text book for potions and is asked to find one in the potions cupboard. When Harry Potter finds a book which is

1. Dumbledore didn't even tell Harry about the other horcruxes he was supposed to be looking for. You know the ones: the cup, the snake, the locket, and something of Gryffindor’s or Ravenclaw's.

2. The Harry we all have come to love would never have been hiding while Draco tried to kill Dumbledore. Harry should have been under his Invisibility Cloak and Dumbledore should have performed a Freezing Charm on him.

3. There was no need to let the Burrow burn down. And why weren't any of the witches and/or wizards coming up with the Aguamenti Charm to stop it from burning?

4. The Gaunt memory should have been showed. It would have told more about the ring, the Peverelle Bros. and the Deathly Hallows that were etched on it.

5. Harry should have gone into the Room of Requirement by himself. He should have touched the diadem when he put it on that bust.

And with that,I conclude this post!!

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