Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog re-construction!!!

Hey all,sorry its been a while. (I know,these days,I start most of my posts that way...but I literally have no time for TV,let alone Laptop!!!)

1.I first wanted to say RIP Michael,the world will definitely miss you....and then,I do feel extremely sad for Paris Jackson,as well as the others. I was deeply moved by her speech.

2. What about school????
Yeah,school's going GREAT!! One of the best parts about school is this - never a dull moment. I wonder what is gonna happen after the 10th grade...when I'd moved on to a more serious note of academics!!

3. What about your blog?No posts,no changes,I want something new! This is Boring!!
Hahaha,I know. I'm on it,too!! Samadrita...who is a wonderful,wonderful blogger is helping me A LOT on my work with this blog...and I just wanted to say thanks...
Here is her blog -

4. What else? So busy huh?
Yeah,kinda. Can't believe I'm already in ninth. Seems like a dream...time FLIES...I've always thought what I'd be like in ninth grade way back in fifth,but now its totally irrelevant.

Oops,hear my mum on her way to my room!! Gotta go for now...!!!

That's a promise.

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