Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hey all!

Hows it going?? I am in a moment of nostalgia right now!! Thats because, eight is over and I am happy that I've finished one more class and I am moving up the ladder of education but, I am also sad that we've finished our eighth grade,which was the last grade we enjoy and freak out completely. "Fun and Frolic"

Yes. I WAS coming to that. Only two more exams and then, we are free! Sixty days of summer!!!

Two more?
Yes! Just this monday and then tuesday and then SCHOOL'S OUT?

Holiday plans?
Grandparent's house!! Hahahahah!!Once I come back, I will try and edit my blog!

TIme??? Man! ITS SUMMER!!

Hahahahah! Nothing else I can reveal as of now...but I GOT a lot to tell you long!

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