Sunday, March 22, 2009

Uhhhhh....whom am I kiddin'?

Hey all!
Okay,I know I said I'm gonna update my blog after annuals but I'm

Yes,I know! I use that word too many times now!Well,not in real life...but in the virtual one...yea!

For what? Uh...the finals? No,not at all. I mean the timetable is perfect.

Music these days?
No...the ipod has less charge. I'm too lazy to charge it at the moment. I prefer a game of chess before bed or read a nice book.I just call my friend Anna and we chat...for a mimimum of 30 mins. Most of the time,I'm really tired,so I hit the bed instantly.

Ssup with the school?
Oh,nothing much. Second in class with 92 percent. And I can't believe Anna got only 21 on 25 in Sanskrit. She's well versed in languages,you know!! The class magazine is out! And we must say,this was a remarkable year,indeed.

More blog posts?
Oh,yes!I promise...there is a lot more to expect from me and my blog through out the summer. I'm going to edit the layout and add new widgets and interesting posts. So,you gotta wait and see what I've in store for you all!

So long then!

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