Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I can honestly write one whole post before I come with a title for this :P


(I know, the title is super weird,but I mean it!)

I had been quite busy over the past few days and I owe you all an apology. I would like to thank Tharangni(LOL)for reminding me-or-rather pestering me to do something with a new post...so here goes!

1. New year :
Oh yea, had I made a post about the new year?
*opens parallel tab,checks,no..shoot! I haven't made one!!..Comes back to this one, and continues...*

Well err, yea. Happy NEW year 2010!! HAVE A STUPENDOUS year ahead!!!

2. Sports day:
Well, not quite. This one couldn't do justice to the actual "sport's day" held anywhere across the world.
It was all after our vacations, our I/C princy tells us that we have sports day and all that...I mean, "mini"sports day and all of that...
So we did, actually *shock*..and I was there, comparing - it all went on really well - but the gradeur of the "EVENT" was lost!!
My rating : 3/5

3. Alumni day:
yea,all the ex-students came back and I was comparing - AGAIN.It was fun,actually...but they stole away one Sunday of mine!1

4. Farewell :
And we had to throw this what-is-called-as GinorMOUS bash for the outgoing batch of 10th graders. It wasn't bad at all...but it didn't exceed expectations either. The stayback business, the scoldings, the tears and the wastage of precious time I'd rather put into a book was totally UNWORTHY for a show like this one! I was comparing yet again, after triggering a tirade of 10 people going to handle it! OMG - right? We finally managed with four..but then again, we fought so much to get proper parts lest we all end up with one fragment of the paper.

5. Annuals :
And yea, the most important, our annuals are up - on the 6th March and the whole of next week, will probably be just for internals,tests,formative units and of course, the dreaded practicals!

See ya all later!

P.S - I'm not sure how LOONG the later will be after, so don't count on me - LOL! :P


☆Ths[Schrei]☆ said...

hmmm....... when did you cry for farewell???

Navya said...

Listen, I didn't cry for FW. I mean,at the prospect of them leaving and all...I cried much before for some reason, can't believe you haven't heard :P

☆Tharangni☆ said...

So, basically---YOU STILL CRIED! :D

☆Tharangni☆ said...

>>Hey! You have an award from my blog! :)
Award For You.

Anonymous said...

Even I can't come up with titles, for some reason. Most of my posts/stories/thingies are usually posted as "." or "..."