Thursday, September 17, 2009

Annual Day!!

Hey all!
Our Annual day is coming up. Sorry. I can't say coming up.ITS ALREADY HERE.
Well yeah,I'm peacefully sipping a hot cup of tea in my favourite cup which says "excercise is good for health" (It's rather ironic,by the way) and as I'm making this blog post, I can actually feel the adrenaline rush!

Most usually,I'm not in any of the cultural programes and I'm relieved to detach myself from that rabble...but I still got this job along with Tharangni to be the volunteer for the Press&Media(I still have to figure out why they're coming..but that's a different story)AND. we're also writing this crazy report for the newspaper and its rather sad because we need to use really good english and not "ordinary" sing-song language,no poetic vibes...just "journalist language"(and I'm not complaining,tharagni

We're expecting a lot of things to kick off today and hopefully that'll happen from our side...10:23 and the time's ticking...I gotta leave home like at 11:45...still gotta bathe and I promise you'll hear from me really soon!

Much love,

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