Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey again!!

Hey all,

Sorry I havent been posting for a while....too busy indulging myself in schoolword and all the other activities I am taking this year.
Tharangni is still not here,with me in my section,but we BOTH figured out,its ok,because we meet every recess and ECA periods to make for the time we aren't together!! Its a happy prospects,a genesis...I am also making new friends,which is again amazing...and I am okay with my section.

Facebook remains as an addiction and I have also created a twitter account and that seems to go great. I recently got picasa,which again,is a big distraction...and I am exploring many other picture editing lemme know if you got anything else.

There are a lot of other stuff thats going on recently and I will post them once I have enough time.

Ninth grade is such an amazing grade,which I think I'll never forget.

I have also watched the 'Wizards of Waverly Place : The movie ' trailer,and I am eager to watch it once it comes out.

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