Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last few days....

Hey all,
There's so much going on here around me at the moment...that's the reason I could barely make a blog...so here's all the stuff thats been going on...lately.

1. My friend's much awaited blog...its called mywebdiary. She uses it something like a virtual journal and jots down all the stuff she does on daily basis. This is her second blog and I love her first one too....!!!!!!!!
Am I making something like that,too?
No...not as of now...anything interesting,exciting or anything that I think that will interest you...will be made right here,in this blog.

2. Taylor Swift - Fearless.
I know,I know. Realization dawned upon me a little later. I got to hear her songs from the album recently,and now, I cant stop listening to it!!

3. The immensely popular zoozoos!
I am A HUGE FAN of the new vodafone ads that came up during the advertisements between the IPL matches!! I was so fascinated,that I really wanted to know how they were made...and did a lot of research on it. You'll also find the same on my friends blog...make sure you check it out...!

It gives me immense pleasure to tell you guys that I've finally mastered the art of chocolate making!!!Its really easy,but again,experience really counts...and it matters a lot here!!!

Finally,the blog is called Last few days...because,I am eagerly waiting for my school to reopen!! June 10th. Date with happiness!!!!!! Yayy!!! I'll definitely try and make a post!!!!!

I also put up a chat box (finally)...so lets make the fullest use of it...

To make more and more posts!!!!!

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