Monday, February 2, 2009

The Hannah Montana movie!!

Hey all!!
The much awaited movie is here...well that's reason a lot of us are happy that 2009 has come finally!!

Its the Hannah Montana movie...and the plot is amazing and the actress is dazzling and then the cast is perfect and here it is....make sure to check out the trailer in the end!!

Hannah Montana: The Movie is the film adaptation of the American television series Hannah Montana, to be released in cinemas. It has been confirmed by Mitchel Musso, Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus. Filming began in April 2008,much of it occurring in Columbia, Tennessee, and Los Angeles, California, and has been completed as of July 2008. It is currently in post-production. The film will be released on April 10, 2009 in the United States and May 15 in the United Kingdom.

The Plot:
Miley (Miley Cyrus) has become overwhelmed with her alter-ego's Hannah Montana's popularity. After getting seriously involved in a shoe fight her father, Robbie Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) decides to take Miley and travel to her hometown, Crowley Corners, Tennessee, to reflect on the things that really matter in her life. When Miley asks if she can still be Hannah Montana, Robbie Ray says to ask him again in two weeks.

While in Cowley Corners, Miley spends time with her best friends Lilly (Emily Osment) and Oliver (Mitchel Musso). While in Cowley Corners, Lilly celebrates her sixteenth birthday. Miley decides to attend Lilly's birthday party as her alter-ego Hannah Montana, rather than herself and performs the song "Let's Get Crazy", accompanied by Steve Rushton on the guitar. This goes badly since people pay more attention to Hannah than Lilly.

While on the trip, Miley meets a childhood friend of hers,Travis. Also while in Cowley Corners, Miley has problems with Mr. Granger, a local citizen of Cowley Corners who knows about Miley's secret identity and plans on exposing her.

Now that is sure a problem...but as Hannah sings in one of hers songs "Nobody's perfect" problem can't be solved!!

Make sure you catch it on April 10th,2009!!The music rocks as always...Walt Disney Records will be releasing the soundtrack audio CD of the movie March 24, 2009.

Here is the trailer...make sure you watch it!!

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