Friday, February 6, 2009


Hey all,

The blog is about Dadnapped!!

Dadnapped is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie premiering Monday, February 16, 2009.[1] It stars Emily Osment, Jason Earles, Moises Arias, David Henrie, Phill Lewis, Jennifer Stone and Kirsten Storms, all from other Disney Channel Original Movies and Original Series.

Dadnapped tells the story of Melissa Morris (Emily Osment) who desperately tries to gain more attention from her always preoccupied father, Neil, a best-selling author (George Newbern). Melissa lives in the shadow of Tripp Zoome, the adventurous and clever hero from her father's popular spy novels. During a long overdue father-daughter vacation,where they go camping or out doors her father ends up kidnapped by overzealous fans Wheeze (David Henrie), Andre (Moises Arias), and Sheldon (Denzel Whitaker); however she must then team up with them to find and rescue Neil from Merv (Jason Earles). They must take a twist when they must also save him from two brothers Maurice (Phill Lewis) and Skunk (Charles Halford).

The cast is awesome and I am sure that they would have all fit into their roles goes

Emily Osment as Melissa Morris
David Henrie as Wheeze
Jason Earles as Merv
Moises Arias as Andre
Jonathan Keltz as Tripp Zoome
Denzel Whitaker as Sheldon
Charles Halford as Skunk
Phill Lewis as Maurice
George Newbern as Neal Morris

I am also posting the official here it is....dadnapped!!

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