Saturday, January 17, 2009


You could say I am total Disney. Totally into it.

Whether its the movies or the shows, Disney has got a pattern,a style - and that's why we all love disney chanel. They have this amazing base in every show. For example,The Disney Channel original production Hannah Montana starring Miley Cyrus, talks about a girl called Miley Stewart who has a big secret - she is Hannah Montana, a sensational superstar. The ways she tries to protect her identity and remain as Miley Stewart leads to hilarious results and the show is sure a funny sitcom!
That was just an example. Every Disney Channel show has a strong base and the storyline is extremely funny and they are wonderful sitcoms.

Then there is the suite life of zac and cody which is about the twin brothers who stay in a suite at the tipton hotel with their mom as a singer at the hotel receptions and other such cremonies.Zac and Cody are hilarious and their contrasting personalities produce excessive laughter and enjoyment. Zac is a cool guy who enjoys skate-boarding and always lives life on the edge. Cody on the other side,is sensitive,intelligent and is also pictured as highly ambitious. The hotelier's daughter ; London Tipton happens to stay their and she befriends Maddie, the hard-working, sweet and poor candy-counter girl. A series of laughter is produced by the mix of intelligence of Maddie and the innocencce of London. Mr.Moseby is the hotel manager who tries his level best to keep Zac and Cody out of his way. The sequel to this show...with the same characters has been release and this is also equally hilarious...but only with a tiny change. This season isnt set in the hotel any more, it is on a cruise that Mr. Tipton owns. The children, including Zac and Cody attend a-on-deck-school called Seven Seas High.

And there is a show called the wizards of waverly place. This revolves around the Ruso family of wizards and their hilarious ways of training their three children.Their father, Jerry, trains them as wizards.
Well here is a synopsis.
Justin Ruso - He is the eldest of the three siblings and he is the one who is metally mature and is highly responsible of his siblings. He never puts a toe out line and he loves collecting action figures.
Alex Ruso - She comes second in the siblings.Well her actual name is Alexandria...but she is called Alex. She breaks rules and is known to use spells and is known to muddle them up and gets her dad or Justin to fix them up for her.
Max Ruso-He is the youngest of the three and he is known for his innocence.

Then...hmm....there are a bunch of movies too!
They rock too!! Like Camp Rock, for instance.
It is about a girl named Mitchie Torres,who is a plain,simple but ambitious girl.She wants her summer to be musical and hence wants to go to a camp named 'Camp Rock'. When her parents cannot arrange for the tution,her mother arranges to cater food in the camp. Mitchie is finally able to go...but she soon gets to know that only the rich crowd comes here and she decides to fit in for ONCE. Meanwhile,spoiled rockstar Shane Gray is forced to go to the camp too,by his bandmates,Jason and Nate. He arrives with disgust and in one such incident while escaping from some ecstatic fans of his,he hears Mitchie sing.He falls in love with her voice. He does not know the identity of the singer,but befriends Mitchie all the same. He spends much of the movie searching for the 'girl with the voice'. Mitchie meanwhile,tries to conceal from everyone that she is the cook's daughter and instead tells everyone that her mother was the president of hot tunes,China. Caitlyn is Mitchie's only real friend in the camp. Caitlyn eventually gets to know about Mitchie's secret and promises not to spread it out.
Tess,who gets jealous of Mitchie's and Shane's friendship,gets to know about Mitchie's secret and spreads it out. Mitchie and Shane fight and Mitchie ends up losing a spot from the Final Jam. Tess would have got to know that Mitchie is the girl with the voice when Shane was telling his uncle and makes sure that Mitchie doesnt perform in the Final Jam. She convices Shane's uncle to disqualify Mitchie and his uncle told her that she cant perform only until 'THE END' of final jam. Minutes before the final jam,it strikes to Mitchie and Caitlyn that they can't perform only until the 'THE END' of Final Jam as Shane's uncle had said. He gives them the permission,and Shane gets to know that Mitchie was the girl with the voice and all of them finally end with the 'We Rock' song. A must see for all music introduces Demi Lovato for the first time taking the lead,and the Joe Jonas plays as Shane. Jason and Nate are played by Kevin and Nick Jonas respectively. Alyson Stoner plays Caitlyn. The musical score is awesome and it is a must watch for all music lovers!

Catch ya later!!

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